Professional Service

Platform Consulting Services

Develop IT strategies to modernize and migrate to your on-premises, automated, digital platform.

Data Center Facilities Consulting Services

Determine your data center facility strategy, right-sized space to your right mix of hybrid IT.

Cloud Services

Establish the capability to build, broker, monitor and measure the auto-provisioning of IT against business demand across multi cloud environments.

Storage Services

Construct a content-rich a data-lake infrastructure, and accelerate workloads with an all-flash architecture.

Network Services

Build, integrate, migrate, and deploy data center and edge networking aligned to business outcomes.

Mobility and Workplace Services

Accelerating outcomes and delivering intelligent space in the workplaces and public venues, and workplace productivity at the intelligent edge.

Big Data Conculting Services

Operationalize data architectures for effective and adaptive analythics.

Telecommunication Professional Services

Support communication services providers' evolution to becoming an agile, 5g-ready digital service provider.